Studio Space One brands life-coaching service

Studio Space One has created a new visual identity for The Life Detectives, a Cornwall-based life-coaching service.

TLD Cards Front

The consultancy was appointed to the project about two months ago without a pitch, due to an existing relationship with the client.

The identity will be used across all collateral including business cards, stationery, leaflets and the website, which is also being designed by Studio Space One.

Studio Space One designed a series of twelve ‘process cards’, which are used in the life-coaching sessions to mark various stages of the twelve-week course.

Sam Gray, Studio Space One creative director, says, ‘The marque is about asking questions about your life and what you need to so. The little kick coming from the magnifying glass shows the questions around life – The Life Detectives is about scrutinising and looking.’

Gray says he used a ‘pastel, muted’ colour palette, reflecting the client’s interest in old detective novel covers. The black and white palette of the logo aims to convey the ‘serious’ aspects of the service.

He explains, ‘It’s nice to bring through some muted colours and then the black and white illustrations take the colour of the background. There’s an element of fun.’

The website and identity are set to launch next month.

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