To The Point brands Worcester retail development

To The Point has created the naming and branding for St Martin’s Quarter, a retail-led development in the centre of Worcester.


The consultancy was appointed to the work at the beginning of June after presenting credentials to joint developers Carillion and Richardsons Capital, according to To The Point managing director Simon Hutton.

The development, which is located between Worcester station and the city centre, is based around an Asda anchor store and will feature a mix of retail, food and possibly leisure and student accommodation. Building work on the site is set to complete early next year.

To The Point initially developed the name, which takes its inspiration from a nearby road name, before working up a visual identity. The identity, created by To The Point senior designer Nikki Saunders, is based on a local variety of pear – the Worcester Black Pear – that also features in Worcester’s coat of arms.

Hutton says the consultancy is now developing designs for marketing materials and signage for the site, and will look to create a new website as well as hoardings.

He says, ‘It is a high-traffic area and the signage will also have to take into account some of the original buildings that are being retail as well as the brands of the retailers who will be in the development.’

Hutton says To The Point has also developed concept ideas for large metal gates for the development, which will feature the branding, as well as public art such as pear tree sculptures. These have not been signed off by the client at this stage.

To The Point creative director Kevin Cox says, ‘It was important to us and the client that the brand not only has the flexibility of translating across the immediate deliverables such as signage, leasing brochures and hoardings, but to more abstract interpretations, with the potential for the brand to be used for public art and commissioned sculptures.’

He adds, ‘We liked the idea that the brand would translate into a three-dimensional experience that the public would interact with and that becomes a talking point for the community.’

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  • Addison Whitney November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Nice new logo and name, good luck with the next steps of your branding engagement.

  • Chris Evans November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Great Plans, shold consider making it easier to cross city walls road to get there, so could make it pedestrianised and go around down lowesmoor, but becuase its the A38 might not be able to. But otherwise can’t wait till it’s open to see what its like.

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