Women’s Institute looks to retail brand launch

A spokeswoman for the Women’s Institute says the group ‘would like to use’ the brand name WI Foods, after reports suggested the WI is looking to launch its own retail brand.

The WI has registered the name WI Foods with the Intellectual Property Office, and a WI spokeswoman says, ‘Trustees would like to use the brand and the board have talked about it for a few years now and are potentially interested.’

The spokeswoman says the project is ‘still very much in its infancy’ but confirma that ‘the goods in question would be marketed as something for someone who doesn’t have time to make something themselves; an alternative to “home made”.’

The WI would not confirm if any consultancies are involved with developing the brand but did say, ‘The WI is looking to work with already-established family-run companies to develop the products once the range is decided.’

The trademark WI Foods falls under an IPO category which covers foods, beers and non-alcoholic drinks.

Consultancy Equilibrium developed a rebrand for the WI in November 2009 working with designer Ian Haughton of Morning.

This resulted in a new typographic identity which replaced a tree logo used by the organisation for 30 years. 

At the time Equilibrium partner Shailendra Kumar said, ‘The only links to the past in the identity will be the colour green.’

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