A new identity for MasterChef

The Plant has created new global branding for TV show MasterChef, aiming to extend it beyond the television screen.

Main MasterChef logo
Main MasterChef logo

The consultancy was appointed by MasterChef’s television production company Shine following a three-way creative pitch early this year.

The new branding aims to take MasterChef from being perceived as a TV-centric brand to one seen to be involved in retail, publication, live events and online, according to The Plant.

MasterChef cooking utensils
MasterChef cooking utensils

It will be shown across all the brand’s activities worldwide, including television, marketing and advertising materials, retail, live and events. Publishing templates have been created for future book and magazine launches.

US campaign images
US campaign images

The new logo retains the MasterChef swirled ‘m’, formed to resemble a glowing cooking hob.

Matt Utber, founder of The Plant, says, ‘We decided there was so much equity in that circular form, and we needed to maintain a link.

‘Everything apart from the circular form was redesigned and rebalanced though, it now feels a lot more contemporary.’

MasterChef logos in new bright colours
MasterChef logos in new bright colours

The designs are informed by the idea of the recipe, incorporating food illustrations and bright colours, which aim to show the idea of using heat to add ‘energy and warmth’.

New illustrations are used on the branding
New illustrations are used on the branding

Utber says, ‘We broke down all the elements of what it takes to cook great food and reconfigured it. It’s about ingredients – whether that’s the food, tools, skills, people, love or care.’

New photography
New photography

The new branding is accompanied with a new suite of photography and television animations, all created by The Plant. These will be used by all the international television production companies for the on-air branding.

The consultancy has also created a premium strand of the MasterChef brand to hold the Professionals series and a range of higher-end products and publications, as well as a Junior strand.

The new branding will initially be shown in the UK with the launch of a new MasterChef book in September.

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  • Gaurav Chadha November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Hi, I have a few observations after seeing the me logo for Master Chef

    1. For a normal viewer of this programme, there isn’t enough change on the logo part

    2. The name MasterChef looks to close to the logo and inspite of being the logo so clean an neat there still seems to be a noise around the logo

    3. The different color options is also taking away the brand identity

    That’s all I had to say about the logo. But yes everyone is creative and have their own perspective about any logo

    All the very best

    Best regards

    Gaurav Chadha


  • Ella-Louisa Romain November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Completely agree with Gaurav Chadha!

  • Elaine Yeung November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I know the cooking hob visual isn’t new but I don’t see many professional chefs use electric hobs. For me, it doesn’t evoke the energy it suggests to be communicating.

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