John Lewis launches ‘social network’ intranet

Rufus Leonard has created a new ‘social intranet’ for John Lewis, that aims to bring its 81,000 employees – or partners – ‘together online’.

John Lewis social intranet on tablet
John Lewis social intranet on tablet

The new intranet is based on a social networking model, and is available to all staff working across John Lewis and Waitrose.

John Lewis and Waitrose logo
John Lewis and Waitrose logo

It aims to help support staff from all departments in their work, whether their role is office or store-based.

Rufus Leonard initially undertook research to look into the habits of John Lewis partners. It then created a single intranet to be used by all partners, with different colour and imagery to differentiate between audiences depending on their job role and the store they work in.

John Lewis social intranet, showing different targeted content
John Lewis social intranet, showing different targeted content

Findings were used to create a new system with targeted content, as well as improved structure, navigation and design, according to Rufus Leonard.

Darrel Worthington, director of technology at Rufus Leonard says that the new platform will help ‘bring disparately located colleagues together for projects’.

John Lewis social intranet
John Lewis social intranet

He says, ‘A fundamental part of the improved productivity social intranets drive is the speed with which they enable colleagues to come to a consensus ­ it enables real-time decisions no matter how many parties are involved across how continents.

‘They essentially break down company silos and facilitate easier sharing of ideas, documents and support’.

The intranet content is accessible from mobile and tablet devices.

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  • jane sawyer November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    i have been on the partnership intranet a couple of times now, basically looking around! i was very impressed with it very modern easy to use (not good with technology). i have found usefull information, more offers/benefits than i knew about. couldnt be easier to use.

  • Inderjeet Hothi November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Heip. Me

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