Johnson Banks creates 3D Science Museum campaign

Johnson Banks has devised a campaign for the Science Museum’s 3D Summer season, based on ‘odd-looking’ 3D clip art.

By Johnson Banks

The museum’s programme will include interactive workshops, a 3D family trail, body scanning and 3D films.

Johnson Banks, which created the Science Museum’s identity in 2010, says it took inspiration for the campaign from 3D clip-art on sites like Turbo Squid ‘where the models are all posed looking slightly odd’.

By Johnson Banks

Johnson Banks worked with 3D modeling and CGI group Happy Finish to help develop this look.  

Two would be visitors have been placed in a ‘surreal wire frame world’ where the Science Museum identity has been given extra depth and floating objects have been added.

By Johnson Banks

An Underground poster campaign is rolling out and a 3D family trail leaflet has been designed, which will be given out free to visitors.

There will be a downloadable PDF version of the trail, and visitors will find stickers around the museum to help guide them.

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