A left-leaning identity from Mark

Mark has created the new identity for LeftCoast, and arts and cultural programme across Blackpool and Wyre in the North West.

The name refers to both the project’s geographic location and LeftCoast artistic director Michael Trainor’s vision of moving the audiences ‘an inch to the left’.

Mark creative director Mark Lester says the identity is designed to ‘emphasise “leftness” in a range of different ways’.

The logo features a left-pointing arrow which also functions as a stylised L. This is backed up by a suite of patterns, used in print applications and business cards, created using a repetition of the arrow icon.

Images are moved over and cropped slightly far to the left, ‘so they look a bit wrong’ says Lester, while brochures and event guides are designed to be read from right to left, rather than the usual left to right. Photography is by Henry Iddon.

Mark is also working on tone-of-voice for the LeftCoast initiative.

LeftCoast is a public/private partnership supported by Arts Council England that aims to get more people involved in arts activities in ‘areas of low engagement’.


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