Aesop creates identity for Tabitha Webb women’s fashion brand

Aesop has created the identity for women’s fashion brand Tabitha Webb, designing the branding, packaging and site for the label.

The consultancy created a black and pink logo that joins the ‘T’ and ‘W’ of brand founder Webb’s name.

Aesop describes the monogram as ‘iconic and bold – classic with a modern twist’, aiming to create a look that echoes the designs in the clothing range and works across all applications.

The consultancy says that the packaging aims to ‘take the customer on a journey of discovery.’

Design director Dan Calderwood says, ‘We constructed a box consisting of overlapping folded sections that echo the sharp angles of the monogram.

‘We wanted to create an original piece with an element of ‘theatricality”’.

The boxes contain a card within a pink envelope; while swing tags bear the words ‘Tabitha Webb, With Love’. The packaging is finished with a black monogrammed sticker reading ‘Love More, Worry Less’.

The identity is used across all touch points including packaging and the e-commerce site, which features larges images and hosts social area ‘small talk’, where Webb will share news with site visitors. The area will also be a   ‘home for PR and celebrity “spottings”’, says Aesop.

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