‘Be excellent to each other’ – and other things we can learn from the movies

‘Life finds a way’, we’re told. ‘If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything’.

Bill and Ted - Be Excellent to Each Other
Bill and Ted – Be Excellent to Each Other

In an era where these phrases are as likely to be framed in sepia, scrawled out in insipid serifs atop a gently blurring meadow image, it’s refreshing to see them credited with their true provenance thanks to a series of seriously awesome prints by illustrator Middle Boop.

Far from stemming from a Mumsnet motivational message-board, or some sort of digital-guru motivation-a-day-mailout, let’s take a moment to reflect on where the above sentiments really originated: yes, Jurassic Park and Back To the Future.

Jurassic Park, Life Finds a Way
Jurassic Park, Life Finds a Way

Middle Boop claims he happened upon the quotes during research for an illustration project, undertaking the rather taxing task of ‘effectively watching a load of my favourite retro movies’.

‘I found that there were some absolutely beautiful and poignant messages from films that you really wouldn’t expect’, says Middle Boop (real name Gordon Reid).

Back to the Future
Back to the Future

He began gathering these quotes together, and then set about reframing them as graphic prints in his signature bold, graphic style.

‘The aim of the project isn’t so much to celebrate a film. I feel that these prints are more accessible than being just for the film fans as everyone can take something from them’, he says.

‘The project offers a unique celebration of a variety of iconic movies, with detail and subtle references giving each print an accessibility beyond a typical film poster.’


Films currently represented in the series include the aforementioned Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, alongside Bill &Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Robocop. Reid is currently working on artwork for a Ghostbusters and Star Wars print.

The prints will be jetting off to America this summer, to be shown at New York’s Bottleneck Gallery from 8 August and the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles from 26 September – 12 October. For more information visit http://www.middleboop.com/

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