Bow & Arrow brings Mr Lyan to Selfridges

Bow & Arrow has designed the packaging for a new limited-edition bottled cocktail range from Mr Lyan, which will be sold exclusively at Selfridges.

Mr Lyan by Bow & Arrow

The consultancy branded the White Lyan cocktail bar last year when it set up in East London and created the look of the Mr Lyan drink range which was sold on the premises.

Mr Lyan by Bow & Arrow

Now the brand range has been expanded and Bow & Arrow has worked on the design of a suite of new products.

The brand positioning reflects the product, devised by Mr Lyan (Ryan Chetiywardana), whose cocktails don’t use any perishables, like ice or fruit.

Mr Lyan by Bow & Arrow

White Lyan was founded by Chetiywardana and his sister Natasha Chetiywardana, who is also the founder and creative partner of Bow & Arrow.

Mr Lyan by Bow & Arrow

The new range is inspired by classic cocktails and comprises  Rainy Day Spritz, Spotless Martini, Candlelit Manhattan, and Diamond Rickey. Some are designed to be consumed ‘straight from the fridge’ and others served with prosecco or soda water.

Mr Lyan by Bow & Arrow

The illustrative approach established when the brand was set up has been carried into the new line, reflecting the hand-made nature of the drinks.

Ryan Chetiywardana has drawn all of the illustrations, creating a symbol for each variant that sums up the name or ingredient, such as a ladybird with no spots for Spotless Martini. 

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