Elmwood creates identity for new scented plimsoll brand

Elmwood has created the branding for plimsoll company POP Village, creating a look that aims to ‘capture the youthful spirit of the product’.

Pop Village logo
Pop Village logo

POP Village is a new brand of scented shoes that launch in a range of colours, with scents including raspberry, rose, cherry and vanilla.

The logo uses the brand name contained within a circular graphic device, which is shown on the heel of each shoe. Elmwood also designed circular business cards for the brand.

Abi Turner, designer at Elmwood, says, ‘Our aim was to appeal to a fun, young audience by capturing the playful, vibrant feel of the products.’

Pop Village Packaging
Pop Village Packaging

The packaging for the shoes uses a cardboard tube with a ‘pop’ top. Designs on the outer of the tube feature hand-written-style writing communicating details such as Ethically sourced’, ‘Made in Spain’, ‘Light and durable’ and ‘Feel good and do good’.

The logo and packaging are shown in a variety of colours including ‘cherry red, denim blue, candy pink and navy’, says Elmwood.

POP Village launches at Global Gathering festival this weekend, and will be sold at other festivals throughout the summer, including Leeds next month.

Pop Village Patches
Pop Village Patches
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  • Aarefa Tayabji November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The branding has been executed well with great designs and a fresh, vibrant, young and appealing to the eyes look. But personally I would not have thought of shoes if I had not read this article. Maybe the Packaging could have had some shoe illustrations to it or a window showing the shoe.

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