Elmwood rebrands Future Cities Catapult programme

Elmwood has rebranded the Government-backed urban innovation scheme Future Cities Catapult.

The Future Cities Catapult is one of seven specialist Catapult Centres launched by the Technology Strategy Board.

The Future Cities Catapult specialises in creating opportunities for business to improve cities, focusing on improving quality of life, strengthening local economy and protecting the local environment.

Elmwood says it was tasked with creating a globally recognised brand identity which communicated what Future Cities Catapult is and what it does, while forming a connection with its target audience – businesses and universities.

As a central set of guidelines already existed for the family of seven Catapults, Elmwood had to create brand expressions which would work in this context.

Elmwood says, ‘In developing a brand concept, a careful balance had to be struck between remaining true to the core identity of the group of Catapults, whilst establishing a unique identity for Future Cities Catapult that pushes creative boundaries.’

 The consultancy says its solution captures the spirit of ‘urban ingenuity’ and the essence of the organisation with a brand expression that uses dots and lines to show the connections that Future Cities Catapult makes between business, academia, research and Government.

A palette of vivd colours has been applied to evoke ‘an energetic brand’, which ‘stands out in the corporate world’ and communicates ‘innovation made real’ Elmwood says.  

The new brand has its own guidelines and collateral includes an email invite, a poster, a banner, recruitment ad, case study template and photography guidelines.

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