Make it Last Forever

Mixing Disney characters, rubbish and gifts, Sickboy’s art creates worlds that are bold, bright and surreal.

Living in a Dream World
Living in a Dream World

The street artist is now taking his work from the outside inside, to the gallery walls of London gallery The Outsiders for his first show in the capital.

Entitled Make it Last Forever, the exhibition is described by the gallery as a ‘unique multimedia visual diary that seeks to outlive its creator, a rare opportunity to delve inside the chaotic existence of a nomadic talent.’

A house, chillin'
A house, chillin’

The show presents paintings, sculptures and an installation piece created specifically for the gallery’s basement space.

The installation is centered around what Sickboy terms a Table of Contents. Inspired by the Natural History Museum’s collections, the piece draws together the artist’s own objects, including travel souvenirs, embroidered patches and other ephemera.

Sickboy at work
Sickboy at work

Sickboy says, ‘Since I can remember I have been collecting objects of personal interest and categorising them to give the sum of objects a new story amongst their interchangeable juxtaposition, anything from a Disney character jilted by the ages to inanimate objects of beauty found on the street, jewels amongst the trash or gifts from the good people in my life.

‘A good find always excited the inner child and pushes the story teller within me forward.’

Sickboy at work
Sickboy at work

The upper gallery will house a number of canvases that reflect this idea of assemblage in 2D, creating strange, bright scenes that form unexpected narratives.

The Outsiders says, ‘Just as materialistic articles end up lost, stolen or blown away, Sickboy highlights the transient and wreckless nature of our existence, and thereby questions how can we preserve these sentimental archives and nostalgic battle scars, how to Make It Last Forever?’

Sickboy's street art
Sickboy’s street art

Sickboy: Make It Last Forever  runs until 30 August at The Outsiders, 8 Greek Street, London W1D 4DG

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