Midday brands Primal Kitchen ‘caveman food’

Midday has created the branding for The Primal Kitchen, a new range of food based on the caveman diet.

The caveman, or Paleolithic, diet is based on the diet that early humans would have eaten up to 2.6 million years ago. It suggests eating more protein and fat and less carbohydrates and salt.

The initial range of Primal Kitchen bars feature ingredients such as brazil nuts and cherries. They have just four or five ingredients each and are cold pressed and not heated.

Midday was appointed last November by Primal Kitchen founder Suzie Walker and tasked with creating the identity, packaging and communications for the new brand.

The identity features a ‘cave’ and prehistoric spear. Midday co-founder Will Gladden says, ‘We thought about where the “primal kitchen” would have been – it would have been in the home cave.’

The branding is accompanied by a series of ‘cave painting’ graphics featuring animals such as mammoths and elk.

Midday has also created the Primal Kitchen website and a ‘scroll’ which can be used by Walker to present information about the Paleolithic diet at trade shows.

The first range of Primal Kitchen products is currently rolling out in the UK and internationally, and Gladden says Midday is working on future launches and communications.

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