New look for Fine Living Network

Fine Living Network has been rebranded in a project led by BDA Creative with idents developed by Studio Hansa.

Fine Living Travel
Fine Living Travel

Studio Hansa creative director Nick Scott says that the consultancy was approached by BDA Creative at the end of last year after BDA had won a pitch to rebrand the network.

BDA had already conceived the idea of objects floating through the air that come together to form an identity.

Scott says, ‘Gregory Miller, the creative director of BDA London, wanted help with problem solving idents and bumpers; he needed to find a photo-real solution that didn’t involve using stock photography so we proposed creating everything in CGI.’

The Fine Living Network is made up of channels for Cuisine, Home, Wellbeing, Travel, and Style.

‘The miniature objects we have created pertain to each genre and come together to  form a logo. “Poetic” was the word we were given so we’ve tried to create an elegant, flowing configuration,’ says Scott.

The Fine Living Network idents have been designed with an ‘international and aspirational’ feel in mind and are rolling out now.  

BDA Creative closed earlier this month.

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