Saints and Sinners

Things aren’t looking all too summery in much of the work going on show at Stolenspace’s new Summer Group Show.


The exhibition, entitled Saints & Sinners, takes a far more sinister approach than the usual summertime accoutrements of ice-creams, flowers, picnics and the like, focussing instead on more eerie insignia.


The show draws together new works by illustrators and artists including Kai & Sunny, Shepard Fairey, Broken Fingaz, Joram Roukes, Pixel Pancho, Reka, Snik, The London Police and Usugrow.


Each work explores the ideas of ‘vice and virtue’, according to the gallery.

Reka Can

Media ranges from work on paper, painting, mixed media and sculpture.


Last year’s summer group show saw artists create work around the number seven.


The Stolenspace Summer Group show runs from  11 July – 3 August at Stolenspace Gallery 17 Osborn St, London E1 6TD

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