Spin cycle

Spin Cycle is a quarterly digital magazine based in the North of England. For 2014, the Spin Cycle team has created a print annual, working with Liverpool-based consultancy Uniform.


The digital editions of Spin Cycle feature stories and features about cycling, illustrated with photography from Dan Kenyon and James Maloney.

For the annual, six digital issues have been edited down to 272 pages of print.


Uniform designer Ali Vermilio, who worked on the project, says, ‘We wanted to keep the design clean and simple and let the photography lead. There are also accents, like the linear colour flashes in the spine – inspired by road lines – that separate the magazine from similar publications and help reflect what Spin is all about.’

She adds, ‘The project was a great opportunity to explore editorial design further and to work with local photographers and writers – and the creators of Spin. It turned out to be a very collaborative process.’


The annual is available at www.spincyclemag.com/spincycle-annual.

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