Teletext art

TV text service teletext might be on the decline in the UK, but its popularity might be on the rise in Europe, if the upcoming International Teletext Art Festival is anything to go by.

The ITAF 2014 sees Teletext artists from across Europe broadcast works across German service ARD Text and ARTE Teletext, Austria’s ORF TELETEXT and Swiss Text in Switzerland.

The works will be on show across the networks from 14 August-14 September, and there will also be a series of live events in Berlin, Vienna and Helsinki.

The event is organised by the FIXC Artists Co-Operative in Finland, and among the British entrants is artist Dan Farrimond.

Farrimond says, ‘This is where teletext could have gone in an alternate reality after the 2012 switchover.’

This year the Teletext Art Prize will be awarded to the ‘most outstanding’ artwork in the medium, judged by a panel of experts.

In addition, the Museum of Teletext Art will be launched on Finnish teletext page 805.

From 14 August a series of works will be shown, starting with Dragan Espenschied’s Lucky Cat.


For more information on the International Teletext Art Festival visit

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