Type and image

The latest release from design publishing powerhouse Unit Editions looks at the niche but rewarding subject of combining typography and images.

Type Plus looks at how designers use graphics and type together to ‘turbo-charge meaning and impact’.

This is demonstrated through examples such as Paula Scher’s striking 1990s posters for the Public Theater and April Greiman’s SCI-Arc work from 1986.

More up-to-date works include Damien Tran’s OPA Black Heino poster and Luke Brown’s Exchange Remix work, both from last year.

Book authors Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook say, ‘Type Plus creates a picture of a new dynamism in typographic expression. The era of type as a passive, semi-invisible holder of meaning is long gone.’

The book, which is designed by Brook’s consultancy Spin, also features interviews with Non Format, Two Points Net and Erik Brandt.

Type Plus is published by Unit Editions priced at £45.

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