Which summer holiday destination would you recommend for a designer?

Want to be inspired this summer? Stay at home. Designers tell us how they are largely inspired by places in the UK.


‘I find natural environments the most relaxing and at the same time a great inspiration for my design interests. With the great weather we are enjoying here in the British Isles, for me, it would be any of the less-developed coastal regions – perhaps north Wales or the north Norfolk coast, and further afield perhaps northern England or Scotland, before we need a passport to get there! And because we have a relatively small land mass you are never too far away from great design past or present. We are lucky to have a holiday home near Wells and starting to see some great new examples of domestic architecture popping up around us. Who knows, maybe one day our ’70s bungalow will make way for something more energetic as we get inspired to follow suit.’  

Michael Sheridan, chairman and founder, Sheridan & Co


‘I’d have to recommend a staycation. Recently myself and the missus went to Cornwall for a week and decided to try a two-day oil painting course while we were there. Painting in the great sunny” outdoors was really inspiring and took me back to my days in art class at college, where you were encouraged to let go and paint with an open mind. Basically, the perfect antithesis to the Apple Mac.’

David Jenkinson, creative director, Elmwood


‘Thank you for your enquiry, I am currently out of the studio on annual leave, returning in two weeks time. I will respond to your message upon my return. In the meantime I will be immersing myself in the culture and lifestyle of the Italian region of Tuscany. This is a place where I am able to switch off, kick back and relax. The pace of life is dramatically slower than that of the usual frenetic London studio and I will take advantage of the fact that mobile reception is intermittent at best and that wi-fi often begs the question, Why’? I would recommend this region as a holiday to all designers because, while the emphasis is on relaxation, you can’t help but absorb the culture, history, architecture and richness of such a picturesque landscape. Of course there will be the odd wine label or olive oil bottle that catches my eye but I know that I will return inspired –  in spite of the need to actively seek out inspiration. Wish you were here.’

Paul Taylor, creative director and partner, Brandopus 


‘I must admit that having never travelled out of Europe, and being there only a handfull of times, I can only really draw on my British seaside travels! I like to think a designer would enjoy a holiday with a story and a context to it and would recommend Whitby in North Yorkshire as a great holiday for those who like to dive into their imagination . As the famous setting for Dracula I find it the perfect setting be introverted and picture yourself in another darker and scary world. Read the book then go when it’s wet and stormy – lets face it during a British summer this is highly likely – mull about on the harbour, walk near the cliffs and visit the ruins of the monastery. It’s a great place for your imagination to take you places you’re not sure you want to go!’

Emily Evans, graphic artist


‘I understand the many hours you’ve spent sat in front of a screen, re-colouring the same image over and over for a vague-lipped client. You want an escape to the world of imagery, a visual release. For a reasonable £600 a week you can rent my room in sunny Stoke Newington. Spend your days soaking in my view. A dirt-washed canopy, possibly a couple of pigeons chirping away and a half-covered wall. It offers that rest that you designers are in need of.’

Michael Coley, founder, Belly Kids

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