CDG updates branding for Great Ormond Street

Great Ormond Street Hospital is to renew its visual identity and implement a set of revised brand guidelines as part of a strategy to double the annual fundraising income of its associated charities.

Devised by Conran Design Group, the logo has been modernised to give it more impact, while retaining the existing teardrop symbol.

Brand guidelines have been established that allow the charity to communicate consistently across all its supporter audiences.

A colour palette, along with an image and layout style, will be applied to collateral that will include all appeals, website, events and corporate and individual fundraising.

Great Ormond Street Hospital offers a range of services. It is a research hospital with various ancillary children’s healthcare specialists.

Lesley Miles, director of marketing and communications of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, says, ‘We have a great challenge ahead of us to secure increased funding for this vital work, and a reinvigorated brand will be a cornerstone in helping us achieve this.’

CDG, which was appointed without a pitch following previous work for the charity, was tasked with a two-fold brief.

One part was to take the opportunity to clarify what the charity does and communicate to its diverse audiences with ‘clarity, authority and empathy’. Additionally, it was to modernise the logo, but keeping the teardrop imagery.

‘We wanted to bring some consistency’, says CDG design director Richard Stayte. ‘To provide the framework so that they could invest a lot more personality and empathy with the people they were communicating with. We came up with a set of colours so they would have flexibility and make things quite clear as to what they do. They needed something underpinning everything they do. With the logo, the teardrop has stayed and will work its emotional magic, but the colour has been refined and the type has been updated.’

• Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust and UCL Institute of Child Health form an international centre of excellence in child healthcare
• The identity and guidelines will be applied across the Great Ormond Street Hospital children’s charity’s collateral
• A modernised logo and a set of brand guidelines have been established by Conran Design Group to bring consistency for its audience

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