Redesign for Jewish Chronicle

The Jewish Chronicle, one of Britain’s oldest newspapers, has launched a fresh makeover today in an attempt to refresh the publication for the first time in ten years.

Changes to the newspaper include a modern typeface, a new Jewish Chronicle logo, a food page, more media coverage and a Community Life section.

According to design director John Belknap, ‘It was a daunting proposition to redesign a paper that has been loved, hated and debated since it launched in 1841. Although David Rowan [the editor] had sharpened up its journalism, it didn’t look it, so we set about modernising the paper.’

Belknap decided that, as the readership contains all ages, it had to be attractive to both grandparents and teenagers. He says he has made the typeface bigger, brightened and expanded the colours, made the navigation clearer and varied the pace of the layout.

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