Young’s nets Springetts packs

Seafood brand Young’s has undertaken a sustainability-driven redesign of its packaging for the first time in seven years, with the help of Springetts.

As an incumbent to Young’s, the London packaging consultancy was appointed to the six-figure project a year ago, without a pitch.

Springetts managing director Andy Black explains that a new look was needed to demonstrate Young’s commitment to managing sustainable fish stocks, and to emphasise the quality of the produce, as well as the brand’s premium positioning.

‘I suppose the redesign was called for as a response to changes in the marketplace and consumer concerns. We were asked to show that Young’s is not only the sole branded fish specialist in the UK but to reflect what it is doing in terms of sustainability,’ says Black.

‘We also wanted to show that the quality of the product ranges – be it chilled or frozen – is the same high level,’ he adds.

In response to the brief, Springetts introduced a muted and pared-down colour palette that replaces the previous bold primary colours of blue and red to reflect a new emphasis on the ‘natural’, ‘healthy’ and ‘provenance’ brand values.

A new strapline, ‘good for you, good for the sea’ also features on pack, while the Young’s logo has been refined in terms of colour and lines. It was however, according to Black, important to retain the strength of the brand heritage and ‘not to take away from this’.

Other new features include a sustainability icon, which aims to reassure consumers of the sustainable source of the fish, while a ‘know your fish’ section on the back of the packaging is intended to encourage consumers to explore other types of fish within the range.

The roll-out of the new design will be completed by August, when it will be applied across all chilled and frozen food product ranges.

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