Creactive rethinks nappy changing unit

Industrial product design consultancy Creactive has revised a commercial childcare range nappy changing unit, expected to be installed in public amenities across the UK.

Equipment supplier Magrini briefed the consultancy to address safety and ergonomic considerations following the introduction of new EU legislation.

Creactive Design Partner Hans Petersen says the new design is ‘less boxy’ and more modern.

‘The brief was to apply changes necessary due to new EU legislation. A key consideration was to keep the design clean and simple, minimising the likelihood of dust trapping,’ he explains.

Constructed from lightweight MDPE, and reinforced with a stainless steel hinge, the design is described as ‘sleek and contoured’, with a hinge and gas construction.

New safety features include deep all-round barriers that eliminate the need for straps, while moving parts are kept to a minimum to avoid fingers becoming trapped.

Durability and the need to withstand heavy-duty use in public service areas such as shopping centres were also key factors in the format.

Amanda Grove, marketing manager for Magrini, adds that Creactive was chosen because of its thorough understanding of the brief and the firm’s passion for the product.

Creactive Design, which has been operating since 1989, is based in Leamington Spa and Cambridge.

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