Kemistry takes on Egyptian TV

The Egyptian government has appointed Kemistry to rebrand four public service television channels.

Kemistry will also create a new identity for the state-owned Nile Television Network, which owns more than ten terrestrial and satellite channels covering Egypt and the Middle East.

Kemistry won an 11-way unpaid creative pitch to secure the contract, which will involve the creation of logos, idents and promotional videos for all four channels, as well as a unifying tagline and individual taglines for each station.

NTN has briefed the consultancy to position its channels as ‘the destination of choice for TV audiences in Egypt and further afield’, according to Kemistry managing director Omar Honigh.

Now Sport, Now Drama, Now Cinema and Now Variety, which may be renamed to escape dated variety-show connotations, will have identifying colours. Now Sport’s logo and idents will feature the colour green, while drama will use orange, cinema red and variety purple.

The first of the rebranded channels is due to launch in August, with the remaining three launching at the beginning of September.

Kemistry will also create brand identities for the channel’s flagship programmes.

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