Patchwork to relaunch its range

Manchester design consultancy I’m…An Ideas Company is overhauling the branding for luxury food company Patchwork.

Patchwork is updating its look after its line was discontinued at Waitrose and is now intending to relaunch itself in the US and the UK with a brighter image, which is intended to make it stand out on the shelves and make it more appealing to consumers.

The £100 000 rebrand includes designing the packaging for 42 different products within the Patchwork range, which includes paté, houmous, chocolate, cheese and organic offerings.

Six food sub-brands within the range group the various offerings together, and each has a different illustrative theme to distinguish which type of product the designs are being used on.

‘We have created illustrations which depict a man fishing for the fish options, a stately home with people dressed in ball gowns for the chocolate and a farmers’ market and village fete for the organics choices,’ says I’m…An Ideas Company art director Jeremy Waite.

One of the consultancy’s main challenges was convincing the client to use designs that are unusually vibrant for the luxury market, he continues.

Taking inspiration from the company’s name, the designs fit together ‘to make a mosaic patchwork picture’, says Waite. This is intended to encourage retailers to stock the entire range.

I’m was appointed by Patchwork after taking part in a three-way creative pitch in March.

The Patchwork range launches on 29 June at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, and will be available in the UK in independent delis from September after being launched at Olympia’s The Speciality & Fine Food Fair.

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