Warner Bros asks Start for DVD rebrand

Warner Brothers is to rebrand and strengthen its home entertainment DVD offerings, and has commissioned Start Creative to the job.

The appointment comes as WB is looking to address stiff competition within the DVD market, by making new releases available to download directly on to iTunes. The home entertainment brand is competing against digital channels such as Sky Plus and Virgin Central.

Start Creative has been appointed to ‘help promote DVD sales’, making shopping for products easier for customers both in-store and on-line, says Start executive creative director Trevor Chambers.

Seven designers will work on the project under the leadership of group executive creative director Darren Whittingham.

The consultancy has been briefed to develop a WB Collection umbrella brand for the company’s DVD range, which will encompass subbrands including a film, kids and TV programmes section. The total brand budget is in excess of £1m, says Chambers.

The resulting designs will be applied across a number of consumer touchpoints including website, point-of-sale displays through WB stockists including HMV and Tesco, DVD covers, posters and other marketing material. Logos printed on the back of products will show which section each DVD belongs to.

‘Our designs should make the various options and titles easier to navigate,’ says Chambers.

He suggests that there may be potential to further develop sub-brands with the introduc tion of a classics range that would include older TV series such as The Thorn Birds.

The intention is for the work to be completed by Christmas, when the majority of DVDs are purchased. The first stage will be the ‘kids’ sub-brand, which includes titles from cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo. TV programmes The OC, Nip and Tuck, Friends and ER will be grouped together, while options such as Dirty Harry and Sweeney Todd will be available under a film sub-brand.

Start Creative was appointed three weeks ago by WB marketing controller for family entertainment Hazel Hamilton, following a competitive pitch.

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