The Army seeks digital consultancy

The British Army is looking to appoint a digital group to develop and implement a three-year online strategy.

This follows a Start Thinking Soldier Campaign by digital consultancy Publicis Modem – which the newly appointed group will work alongside on future projects.

The Central Office of Information will be managing the appointment process on behalf of the British Army Recruiting Group.

The Army Recruitment Marketing Strategy aims to raise awareness of Army careers and encourage young people to sign up.

A group of unnamed consultancies have already been invited to pitch and briefed to propose a ‘full digital technical service’ that can be rolled out over three years.

The appointed group will be asked to create both regional and national campaigns.

‘Digital communications have become a key component of The Army’s recruiting strategy,’ says Michael Smith, deputy director of interactive services at COI.

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  • Hina Hirani November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Murder chaos and fun? Come on kids sign up now get yourself killed faster. If this is what designing has become it’s a disgrace to our name. Promoting honour and service and duty is one thing, but advertising to get more people to join this is brainwashing them in an essence. The war was started by USA they made the first move Blair went up Bush’s backside and now the British Army want more people to volunteer to go to war? While in the meantime Obama is getting his troops out from the line of fire.

    Doesn’t this seem wrong that these people are going to pitched come to war. Violence begets violence.

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