June 2010 Online

Hans Brinker midlife book

Dutch courage

Some hotels develop a reputation for exquisite food, class and excellent service. Some hotels gather a reputation, but of quite a different kind. The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam is one such den of ill repute, boasting several orgies, an attempted murder and years of misbehaving staff and bad hygiene throughout its 40-year history. […]

City University logo

Footprint rethink competition

Design Week and sister magazine Creative Review have teamed up with City University London to offer one reader a full scholarship for its Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, which starts in September. The scholarship will be awarded to the candidate who provides the best proposal for the university’s ‘Footprint Rethink’ competition, which seeks innovation […]

Shooting Shoreditch

Cameras at the ready and snap away – that shall be the order of the day in London’s Shoreditch this Saturday. The interactive photography specialist Shoot Experience wants you to map the personality of London’s creative quarter in its 6th annual photography treasure hunt. Once the shooting has been completed, the photos will be exhibited […]

Suzuki illustrations

Work in progress

Delicate and intricate, the drawings of Japanese artist Momoko Suzuki do not instantly lend themselves to the large white spaces of London’s Koukan gallery. But perhaps that is the point. Visitors will have to get close the walls, floors and surfaces to pick up the details of Suzuki’s sprawling illustrations. Part installation, part performance piece, […]

High flyers

Although it seems a little disrespectful to the ultimately tragic Second World War heroes whose story is told in Channel Four’s Bloody Foreigners series, the first thing to note about Fish in a Bottle’s online game to promote the show is that it’s bloody good fun. The Channel Four programme, to be broadcast tonight, tells […]

Mary Portas takes on a failing homewares business in the latest Mary Queen of Shops

Bring back the chintz

Last night’s episode of Mary Queen of Shops on BBC Two wasn’t so much a study in retail design as a wake-up call for anyone interested in domestic styling. Indeed, shop designer Callum Lumsden of Small Back Room hardly got a look in as the indomitable Mary Portas showed aging hippy couple Dazzle and Denny […]

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