A safe bet

Sometimes the most innocent of ideas become known for the most unsavoury reasons. Chat Roulette is one such unfortunate venture. Started as a means for anyone with a Web camera and a computer to share meaningful exchanges with people around the globe, the Internet phenomenon connected users at random and allowed them to talk until they got bored, pressed the ‘next’ button and were connected with another friendly face.

The problem was that, before long, a face was not the only piece of anatomy you were likely to see. In fact, you had a good one in eight chance of seeing a penis.

Luckily, with A plus B Studio’s version to support D&AD’s New Blood, those odds are a lot, lot lower. Creative Chat Roulette, which will be held at 3-5pm on 25 June, adopts all the same rules as its predecessor – conversations over the Web which can be skipped when the chat dries up – but between top creatives and graduates starting out on their careers.

Eager students will get the chance to do a bit of vital networking, as well as asking their design heroes their burning questions about how they got started and what helped them along the way.

So far confirmed to appear behind the webcam is Phil Carter (Carter Wong), Stuart Price (Thoughtful), Simon Manchipp (Someone), Miranda Bolter (The Partners) and Rob Howsam (Purpose), as well as representatives from Pentagram, Elmwood, Music, Us Design Studio, The Chase, GBH, Radford Wallis, Pearlfisher and Magpie Studio.

Instructions on how to access the Creative Chat Roulette Web link will be issued closer to the date. If you are interested in getting chatting, contact roulette@aplusbstudio.com, for further instructions.

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