A sea of CDs

Bruce Munro has installed his CDSea artwork at a field in Wiltshire, following an appeal for unwanted CDs that netted more than half a million discs.

Munro had intended to install the 600 000 CDs over Easter, but extreme wet weather meant it was impossible to cut the grass and roll the field in readiness for the artwork.

However, over last weekend 140 friends and colleagues of Munro, including Grand Designs star Kevin McCloud, descended on the Long Knoll Field to put CDSea in place.

One man who had already donated 40 000 CDs, apparently brought along his family and a further 1000 CDs in the boot of his car.

Munro says, ‘I was very nervous about it. You never know how something will work out, but now I could not be happier. I’m so greatful to everyone who turned out to help. We had a magical weekend and CDSea looks amazing. Like a giant painting on the grass.’

He says the work is inspired by the quality of light he observed in Nielsen Park, Australia, which has has tried to recreate with the CDs.

The CDSea installation will be in place for around two months, after which it will be taken down and all the CDs sent to a recycling plant in Frome.


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