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It’s great to know it’s not just designers who think clients just don’t get it with brands. Marketers tend to think so too.

That was the message from Design Week’s sibling Marketing Week this week, which spelled out to its readers – many of them the design community’s clients –  the ‘Top 10 mistakes marketers make when rebranding’.

There’s a lot in there that will strike a chord with hapless designers, not least the tendency for clients to base a rebrand on a successful advertising slogan. But it’s good to see one of our more established players taking it upon itself to take the branding message out to clients big time.

Interbrand is noseying into broadcast media with a thrilling series of podcasts adressing brands in the global economy. Demand and Desire, as the series is called, sees Interbrand’s intrepid global chief executive, Jez Frampton, taking on the world, from a south east London shopping mall to the glamour of Las Vegas retailing to Shanghai, Mumbai and beyond.

Interbrand's Jez Frampton
Interbrand’s Jez Frampton

Is Jezza aiming to rival Interbrand’s ubiquitous UK chairman Rita Clifton as a media pundit or, given the heavy retail content in the series, challenging Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas, albeit without imagery? Whatever the motive, the series is worth a look (via Interbrand’s website or Itunes).

And if, as we expect, absorbing all this stuff makes you realise your own branding work is a cut above the rest, you still have chance to celebrate it through Design Week’s Benchmarks Awards for excellence in branding programmes and campaigns.

Check the awards out here. You have until 30 June to enter.

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