Consultancies appointed to Welsh Assembly creative framework

The Welsh Assembly Government has appointed a new creative services and events matrix framework, which covers all creative work including design.

The roster covers work for the whole of the Welsh Assembly Government, including economic and financial affairs, education, public services, and the promotion of Wales. The three-year contract has a total estimated value of £18m, of which the creative design lot will be worth around £5m.

The creative design lot, which breaks down into five sub-lots, comprises Golley Slater, Allen Hughes, Freshwater, Staziker Jones, FBA Design, DWA Design, Celf Creative, Escape to Design, Duttons Design, Heavenly Group, Departures, S8080, Red Bee Media, Greenfield Media Solutions, Capell Creative and Crandon.

The digital marketing lot, which is worth £4m and includes digital design, comprises Mando Group, Sequence Collective, S8080, Eclipse Creative), Precedent, Fluent Interaction, CX Partners, Box UK, Tinopolis, Crown Business Communications, Red Bee Media, M-Corp, D2 Digital and Ed Coms.

The branding lot comprises Corporate Edge Group, Underground, Heavenly Group, Greenfield Media Solutions and Departures.

The tender process began in August 2009.

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