Dragon Rouge packages Nairn’s breakfast foods

Dragon Rouge has designed packaging for a new Nairn’s range of gluten-free breakfast foods.

The consultancy began working on the creative for the project in autumn 2009 after conducting a brand positioning and consumer insight phase for the product in August last year.

Dragon Rouge was appointed following a number of research and strategy projects for Nairn’s, but this is the first packaging project for the company, says Dragon Rogue consultant Rebecca Wood.

The consultancy was briefed to design packaging for three new products, including porridge oats and two types of oat muesli, which will roll out in supermarkets from mid-June.

Dragon Rouge was tasked with producing creative that would be true to Nairn’s brand look and feel, and conveyed the ‘natural goodness’ of the product, says Wood. The packaging features graphics of the product’s ingredients and a cut-out showing the oats inside.

Wood says, ‘We wanted to convey the satisfying and substantial taste experience that this range delivers to a consumer who has previously had to resort to eating cereals that rely on rice and maize substitutes.’

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