Four IV creates retail designs for East India Company

Four IV has designed the first luxury Fine Food retail space for the East India Company, set to launch in London’s Mayfair at the end of July.

The original East India Company was founded in 1600, after Queen Elizabeth I granted it a charter. The company went on to dominate trade in India and ruled swathes of the country before being nationalised in 1858.

The company is now owned by chief executive Sanjiv Mehta, who is aiming to relaunch it as a contemporary global brand, trading luxury goods and services.

Four IV has taken its inspiration for the retail design from the original East India Company. Chris Dewar-Dixon, creative director of Four IV, says, ‘We endeavoured to make sure that the design emulates the company’s rich history, yet every detail is made to feel fresh and relevant for today’s modern customer.’

He adds, ‘For example, the wrought-iron folding gates at the front of the building are inlaid with delicately carved brass which exhibits the rich history of the brand, while the giant branded padlock that holds the gates closed is reminiscent of locks used to keep goods safe hundreds of years ago.’

The design of the interiors features key furniture pieces made from dark-stained timber set against carrara marble table tops and red madder glass.

Other design features include a central ‘queen’s table’, inspired by authentic screens, and a chandelier made from hand-blown madder glass. The timber floor features a mosaic design based on the original East India Company merchants mark.

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