Goading Government on design

The design industry was boosted by some high-level cheerleading on this morning’s Today programme on Radio Four, when Labour peer Baroness Estelle Morris, commenting on the similarities between the Labour leadership candidates, also managed to make the case for designers to be consulted by Government.

Baroness Estelle Morris
Baroness Estelle Morris

Former Education Secretary Baroness Morris was scathing about the similarity between candidates Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and the Milibands – David and Ed, who she pointed out are all white, male, Oxbridge-educated and former Downing Street researchers.

Making a plea for diversity, she said, ‘If I had my time again in Government one of the things I would do differently is with the people around me – I would make sure I had someone who was from the creative industries. People from that sector are really good at risk taking and can design our way out of some of these problems.’

However, on a more pessimistic note, Baroness Morris, who is also co-chairman of the Associate Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group, added, ‘That wasn’t understood I think when I was in Government and I don’t think it is now.’

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