Hair-raising footie fun

Eight days to go till the World Cup starts, Design Week’s Panini sticker album is brimming and our inboxes are bulging from unsolicited World Cup projects. Here’s one of our favourites.

Taking bygone Panini albums as its inspiration, Cog Design has created a sweepstake website which pays homage to the most questionable barnets and facial hair to grace the competition.

'Ivanov beard'
’Ivanov beard’

'Keegan Perm'
’Keegan perm’

E-mail a photo to Cog Design, open yourself up to some good-humoured humiliation and stand the chance to win prizes. Pictures will feature an appendage chosen at Cog Design’s discretion and each entrant will be assigned a different team. Go to <>

'Beckham mohawk'
’Beckham mohawk’

'Coiffered Argentine'
’Coiffered Argentine’

‘We’ve got a fifty-fifty split of men and women with some girly men and some butch women, but wanted to get everyone excited to galvanise the whole squad, with the addition of some colleagues and friends,’ says Michael Smith, director of Cog Design.

'Rush Tache'
’Rush Tache’

An ‘almost live’ draw will be held on 8 June and posted on, where fixtures and results will be shown throughout the tournament. 

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