Household gives deli feel to Waitrose format

Waitrose will open a new-format convenience store in Cambridge on Thursday with wayfinding, in-store graphics and communications by Household and interiors by German consultancy Interstore Schweitzer.

Household had previously designed communications for Waitrose’s retail tie-up with Boots and was appointed on the strength of this in March.

Diana Hunter, director of store design for the supermarket, says the store is the first of three trial outlets and ‘for now’ will be branded Waitrose. 

‘A magazine and editorial-led’ navigation will inform the customer of food pairings and recipe ideas, which they will use to orient themselves in the store, according to Sarah Page, creative director at Household.

‘We’re communicating to the customer how to shop with fresh ingredients in mind,’ says Page, who adds that, ‘inspirational messages’ will guide people around the aisles and ‘tear-away recipe cards can be found on chiller cabinets’. 

Waitrose corporate colours have been used with the introduction of ‘soft sage greens and earthy colours’, which Page says give the feel of a deli.

German group Interstore Schweitzer has designed structural interior elements of the new store, which is targeting breakfast shoppers, ‘people on the go’ and customers shopping for provisions that will last two days.

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