Morgan Kennedy works on production design for Orange ads

Orange is poised to air four TV advertisements with production design by Morgan Kennedy.

Kennedy has just returned from filming the ads in Bucharest, Romania. He was appointed in May by production company Eponymous Films. French directing team Megaforce briefed Kennedy to create a ‘retro’ feel for the ads.

‘The whole premise is that all the sets connect to each other, so a towel on the beach turns into a door, beneath which is an office,’ says Kennedy. ‘There are lots of pastel colours and wood finishes, to get this retro quirky look, which complements some crazy lighting and wardrobe design,’ he adds.

Orange stipulated that Kennedy should avoid certain colours – including red and blue – since they are linked to other telecommunications companies

The first ad will air on 26 July, the second in September with the final two appearing in October.

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