The Brand Union works on European banking brand Zuno

The Brand Union is working on new branding for Austrian bank Raiffeisen International Direct Bank AG, which is changing its name to Zuno Bank AG and launching new direct banking brand Zuno.

The WPP-owned consultancy is working on the new visual identity for the Zuno brand, which is set to launch later in the summer.

The Brand Union was appointed to the work last year. The Zuno brand is targeted at online consumers in central and eastern Europe.

The abstract name Zuno was chosen following a series of creative sessions supported by legal advice as well as cultural and linguistic screening from The Brand Union.

András Hámori, chief executive of Zuno Bank, says, ‘We set numerous criteria for the name selection: we wanted a short, unconventional and distinctive name for our bank, one that is easy to remember and that fits in all of the CEE region’s key markets from a cultural and linguistic perspective. At the same time, we opted for a name that will be “Internet-friendly”.’

The new branding will be revealed later this year as Zuno launches operations in Slovakia, and will roll out over the next few years in selected markets in the CEE region.

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