What’s brewing?

Fancy a quiet pint? Well, if that’s the case it might be best to avoid the Royal Oak in London’s Columbia Road tomorrow evening. It looks set to be packed out.

For once it’s not the football that is drawing the crowds – and by 5pm England’s fate will be sealed anyway. It’s the promise of a new beer, called Truman’s Runner, selling for £1 a pint.

Truman Black Eagle
Truman Black Eagle

The event marks the official launch of  new ‘bird of prey’ branding for the East End’s Truman Brewery by Micha Weidmann Studio, which has also designed packaging for the beer. The beer, in turn, is the result of a bid to reinstate brewing at the building in Brick Lane that has become a hub of food, drink and creative industries activity.

So why not hold the proverbial piss up in the Truman Brewery itself? As the venue is hosting D&AD’s New Blood judging the following day it’s likely to be overrun by creatives – those who didn’t make it to the Royal oak, that is.

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