A Plus B Studio brands Arab Spring show

A Plus B Studio has created the identity and collateral for The Future of a Promise, a show at the Venice Biennale, which features the work of artists from the Arab world.


A Plus B Studio creative partner Benji Wiedemann says the identity for the show, which runs until 30 November, focuses on ‘the legacy of the Arab Spring’ – the revolutions that have swept the Middle East and North Africa this year.

Wiedemann says, ‘The revolution has been an example of people power and it has also been peaceful – which is why it has been termed the jasmine revolution. What the show and the identity are looking at is what happens after the governments have gone.’

Wiedemann says the identity had to be quite oblique as the parties involved with the exhibition did not want to be directly linked to the revolutions. He adds that the consultancy wanted to stay away from images of the revolutions as ‘the show is about looking forward’.

The identity features jasmine blossom – to reference the jasmine revolution. In the central identity, the jasmine is half in bloom. Wiedemann says, ‘Jasmine blossoms at night, so the concept is all about whether the jasmine will blossom in the darkness – and whether the promise of the revolutions will be fulfilled.’

A&B Studio was appointed to the work in February by exhibition organiser Edge of Arabia. The exhibition also marks the launch of publisher Ibraaz – whose first publication is the A Plus B-designed catalogue – and Wiedemann says the consultancy hopes to work with the publisher going forward.

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