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This is a first of a weekly round-up where we share with you the best videos, site design and articles that we’ve found on the Web during the last seven days.

From John Symes' blog Louse  Flea
From John Symes’ blog Louse Flea

Journalist John Symes reflects on an article in the London Evening Standard about the use of typography in the 2008 US election campaign. While John McCain opted for Optima, Barack Obama chose a winning Gotham. But Symes takes this concept further by suggesting which typefaces are most appropriate for the UK party leaders – an amusing read.

Bubble by Elliot Dear
Bubble by Elliot Dear

Blink Production’s Elliot Dear has made this beautiful video for King Creosote and Jon Hopkin’s track Bubble. The dream-like, soft focus style complements the views of the sleepy fishing town perfectly. The dog shadow that dissipates into a swarm of fishes is a particular highlight.

From John Symes' blog Louse  Flea
Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame allows users to contribute to a live massive doodle, which changes in real-time as multiple users draw. The site was created by Kempertrautmann GMBH for pen manufacturer Edding.

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