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Homeplus Subway Virtual Store

This video from South Korea shows the potential for a future of  product-less store. By creating ‘stores’ of pictures of products with QR codes which link up to an online shopping platform and placing them in easily accessible places – like the Underground. It’s food for thought – but perhaps not one for London’s congested Tube system.

Brushes with strangers

Freelance copywriter and creative director Mike Reed’s lovely blog documents his regular sketches of people on public transport.

Brushes with Strangers
Brushes with Strangers

Icke’s Struggle by Blanck Mass, video by Alex Turvey

Watch 12lt of acid rain destroy a polystyrene paradise in designer and director Alex Turvey’s visual experiment for ’Icke’s Struggle’ by Blanck Mass (the side project of Fuck Button’s Ben Power).

Mapping our independent booksellers

To celebrate Independent Bookseller’ Week, The Guardian has created a Twitter map of Independent book stores across the UK, which you can add do with your tweets.


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