DIY: digital type

Earlier this month, we informed our expansive raft of DW blog readers of Jotta and Intel’s DIY FX Film workshop at the Design Museum, which saw participants learning to create their own films with readily available materials.

Now, this benevolent bunch has come together once again to bring an innovative approach to typography to their public.

The DIY Digital Type experimental typography workshop takes place this Saturday at the Design Museum, exploring how vintage letterforms can be remastered for the digital age.

Jane Trustram, Jotta design director, says, ‘We’re creating typographic circuits using conductive ink, and the forms of the letters to experiment with the idea of digital typography in a more conceptual way.

DIY Digital Type
DIY Digital Type

‘The Intel Remastered Campaign [which this workshops forms part of] is all about looking back at historic artworks and reinterpreting them, but because this workshop’s in the Design Museum, we wanted to look at the idea of printing and typography and the origins of graphic design and remastering it.’

The event will see participants using carbon-based conductive ink to create typographic circuit compositions which can be lit up using LEDs; learning how to make typography interactive by using basic electronics.

The all singing, all dancing results of the workshop will be formed into one collaborative work, eventually forming a top-secret-for-now quote, and displayed on the walls of the Design Museum.

Trustram adds, ‘It’s supposed to be a fun way of playing with type – it’s something a bit different for people who are interested in type and letterforms to come and be experimental with it.’

DIY Digital Type takes place on 25 June frm 2pm – 5pm at the Design Museum, Shad Thames, London SE1. The event is free but RSVP is essential. Email

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