So Jung

This exhibition, exploring the two sides to the human psyche, will both fascinate and terrify you; taking Jung’s theory of The Shadow as the ‘suppressed or disowned qualities of human consciousness’ as its inspiration.

Chris Anthony - Wednesday
Chris Anthony – Wednesday

Jemma Hickman, who curated the exhibition,  says, ‘Exhibitions in the gallery often have dark themes, and the conception of this particular one was good for my gallery.’

Ellen Tovey - And Yet
Ellen Tovey – And Yet

Hickman represents the majority of the artists that have designed objects for the project, and presented the central theme of The Shadow to them.


Ione Rucquoi – Lamb of God

This absorbing exhibition explores the concepts of dark and light, human and animal, intrigue and repulsion, desire and guilt, consciousness and the dream.

Kate Macdowell - Ants Ate All My Su

Kate Macdowell – Ants Ate All My Su

Patrick Haines, one of the exhibition’s contributors, says, ‘What really attracted me to contributing was the exploration of the duality of dark and light.’

He adds, ‘My work is generally about bringing something from nature into the urban, human environment, so this was an ideal project.’

Chris Anthony - Very First Time

Chris Anthony – Very First Time

Haines’ Guardian Angel, cast in bronze, brings a gothic, Edgar Allen Poe-esque quality, looming large over the chair beneath it.

Patrick Haines - Guardian Angel

Patrick Haines – Guardian Angel

Other pieces, such as Ione Rucquoi’s Lamb of God, contain imagery and ideas that are both fascinating and perhaps just a little twisted, which is never a bad thing.


Ione Rucquoi - Lamb of God

Ione Rucquoi – Lamb of God

Shadowside runs from 14-18 June at Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street
Shoreditch ,London EC2A

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  • Annabel Young November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I have been a fan of Jemma Hickmans exhibitions since I first came across her a few years ago in Bath.Not for the faint hearted some of the pieces but always thought provoking with Bobbie Russon being a favourite and I rarely come away empty handed.Well done Jemma for a great show in a challenging space.

  • Ciara Nolan August 25, 2013 at 4:46 am

    I have been watching Ellen Tovey’s work over the last year or so. I love her contribution to this exhibition. I also really like Patrick Haines’ work. A beautifully curated show.

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