Someone brands Pockit online savings service

Someone has created the branding for online money saving service Pockit, which aims to help customers save money on services such as life insurance and household bills.

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The Pockit service is based around a monthly subscription fee and is launching with partner brands including Aviva, Talk Talk, Marks & Spencer and Asda.

The company says, ‘Pockit is the first online money saving site that keeps things truly transparent. We pass on all the savings to our customers. There are no hidden costs – just a simple subscription fee that you get back in savings in the first few months.

‘It’s this clarity of purpose that we wanted to get across in the name and the branding.’

Someone has created branding based around a stitched pocket that can change colour and texture depending on the brand it is ‘talking to’ – so it can be green if used with the Asda brand or Orange if used with B&Q.

Laura Hussey, design partner at Someone, says, ‘The brand and branding is all about keeping things simple and easy. It’s called Pockit. So it features a pocket and a stitching theme that joins everything up. Simple and easy.’

The consultancy says it was appointed following a two-way strategic pitch nine months ago against Heavenly.

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