Hello! Looks like Lionel Richie’s head got bigger…

Last summer, we brought you the felicitous news that enterprising Bacelona-based design collective Hungry Castle was trying to create a huge wooden Lionel Richie head. It was all set – you walk in, pick up the phone, he croons ‘hello’.

Admiring Lionel Richie's sizable skull
Admiring Lionel Richie’s sizable skull

Sadly, the plan didn’t reach its Kickstarter goal and the Hungry Castle boys were back to square one. But from these ashes rose an even finer phoenix – a souped up, bouncier, better Lionel.

Spend a night in Lionel Richie's head
Spend a night in Lionel Richie’s head

Now, Hungry Castle is metaphorically dancing on the ceiling, thanks to the 183 backers that have so far helped fund the project and reach its first target. It’s recently  been announced that he’s coming to Isle of Wight-based festival Bestival.

A reveller celebrates Lionel Richie's massive head
A reveller celebrates Lionel Richie’s massive head

It’s the same premise as last time  – visitors step inside the magnificent noggin, pick up the line and hear the sweet tones of Mr Richie ask, ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for?’

Following his trip to Bestival, Hungry Castle hopes that Lionel can then travel the world, bringing his sweet voice and huge head to people around the globe.

Wearing Lionel Richie's head
Wearing Lionel Richie’s head

They’re still looking for help, so if you’re not going to Bestival but want a chance to see this modern wonder of the world, you can still pledge on the Kickstarter page to help Hungry Castle reach its final £10,000 goal.

Put Lionel Richie's head on your head
Put Lionel Richie’s head on your head

Among the incentives is a chance to spend the night in the Lionel head, win a stylish Lionel Richie shirt or get exclusive VIP Bestival tickets.

Having tea in Lionel Richie's head
Having tea in Lionel Richie’s head

What a feeling indeed.

For more information on Hungry Castle visit http://hungrycastle.com/ or follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/hungrycastle

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