Plan-B creates Urban Development brand

Plan-B Studio has rebranded music showcase company Urban Development, using a scalene triangle device.

Urban Development

Urban Development showcases underground urban music for UK audiences through events and tours. It runs a recording and rehearsal studio, offers development contracts to emerging artists and has an education arm – the Urban Development Music Foundation.

Urban Development

A scalene triangle is defined by its three unequal sides. Plan B-Studio creative director Steve Price has used this principle, adopting a scalene triangle in place of the ‘A’ of Urban ‘because like so many of Urban Development’s artists and unnurtured talents, the triangles do not necessarily conform, fit or follow a norm’.

The scalene triangle changes and animates across communications ‘demonstrating that like their audience Urban Development’s logo is forever changing’ according to Price.

Urban Development

Plan-B Studio has designed the identity, web-site, and printed literature including a 32-page newspaper.

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