Studio Baum’s Why Am I Still Single? designs

Studio Baum has created the branding and title sequence for Why Am I Still Single?, a new dating show to be screened on Channel Four.

Why Am I Still Single? logo
Why Am I Still Single? logo

The show, which forms part of Channel Four’s Mating Season programme, sees one single man and one single woman investigate each other’s lives to try and work out why the other is still single.

Studio Baum was appointed to the project by production company Seneca following a recommendation around two months ago.

Samuel Baum, Studio Baum co founder, says, ‘We were approached to make a simple, stylish (a bit “Hoxtony”) logo for the show with a short and snappy title sequence to match.

‘The show is really aimed at people aged 30 and above, asking “why am I still single?” The look couldn’t be too young or lairy, and [the client] mentioned a sort of Hoxton/Shoreditch [east London] look a few times.’

The logo uses a salmon pink and blue colour palette, and the overall look and feel aims to create a slightly more ‘high brow’ feel than dating shows aimed at a younger audience.

Baum adds, ‘The title sequence had to be quite pared down to complement the show’s footage. The show itself is really punchy so they needed something a bit subtler.’

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  • Grace November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Good work, though ‘Hoxtony’ is a new one on me. 🙂

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